Man dies during sex with prostitute


Man dies during Sex with prostitute

Naija News -Man dies during sex

”No be me kill am O!  Di man kpeme as I dey duty. Im  dey vibrate, I tink say na better tin dey worry am , asheey na die e de die and foam begin comot for mouth” ”  Miss Peace Idorenyin di prostitute wey dey duty de talk.

Na so Mr Samuel Ete who live for Calabar don go meet im maker. E get wife with pickin but dey go outside dey find wetin no fin am. As lover boy leave im family go find ashi for calabar zoo side, e no know say im dey go kpeme.

AS police come, dem talk say no be di woman fault, but she dey under detension make she help solve di case. Naija Police!!!! Olokpa people, which kin detention , una wan kpeme too? She talk say she for run but as she no say no be her fault she stay call police. She say she get many customer and none of dem don die so she know say her hand clean.

Paradise! oh Paradise! RIP Ete .

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